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Payment Options

Payment Options

Credit / Debit card

This is our most popular payment option.
It is both fast and secure.
We use the Paypal payment gateway for all card transactions.
This gives you greater peace of mind as by using Paypal you do not give out your card details to anyone other than Paypal. This means that no vendor has your details, thus giving you greater security.
For us it gives us both security, speed and efficiency of payment.
It also helps to keep our overheads down, thereby helping us give you savings on our products prices.

Payment by cheque

Unlike some businesses nowadays, we still accept cheque payments.
Cheques to be made out to :-
"Wizards End"

Goods will be dispatched as soon as funds have been cleared and an email will be sent confirming this.

Bank transfer

We accept bank transfers direct to our bank account, if this is your preferred method just email us for details.

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