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Just Shirts

JUST SHIRTS EST. 1984 in Langham, Norfolk.

Suppliers to TV, Film, stage, specialist clubs and entertainment venues.
Just Shirts brings you a collection of quality, comfortable, reasonably priced shirts in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials. They are suitable for a range of uses including re-enactment, hand fastenings, weddings and of course pagan gatherings and medieval fayres.

Just Shirts garments are generously cut making them extremely comfortable. The black shirts are favoured by those wanted to portray a Gothic image.
Just Shirts are easy care, hand and machine washable, please follow the label for washing instructions to ensure a long life for your shirt
Vintage treatments and special manual washes create a look and feel comparable to authentic vintage apparel. Therefore each shirt will vary from another in feel and colour. The more the shirt is worn the stronger the character and appeal.
Just Shirts variety of styles range from the peasant style to the very ornate with dashing ruff lace cuffs. Whether your requirements are for a plain style or to impress you are sure find the one for your needs
These superb shirts are designed to be worn loose, hence their sizing.
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