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Customer Comments

We try to give a good personal service, answering questions about our products, checking sizes etc.
So its always a bonus to us when happy clients spend a little time to give us good feedback.
It honestly makes our day, and thankyou to you all, you know who you are.

Linda & David



Just a quick Thank You for a prompt delivery, helpful service and lovely products :-)

P. P
I just received my beautiful Aries wool cloak from you last week 

It's really beautiful and I totally love it. I love the colour, it's beautifully made and fits fine 
I had felt very called to buy a cloak and not totally sure why as I have no need of it for ceremonies etc, but just walking around in nature in it,
 especially at night/twilight is such a special experience!

A cloak is not something I buy every day but I will definitely shop with you again should I need one,
 in the meantime, I'll recommend your shop to others, especially as it's hard to source cloaks in Ireland.
Thank you very much!
Lughnasadh blessings,

Hi there,

Thank you for all your assistance in regards to the Markus shirt.

We have received the shirt and it looks amazing.

Many thanks and best wishes for the future.

T & T

Thank you so much for all your help - really, truly appreciated. I've ordered one of the Nathaniel shirts to start with, and fingers crossed we'll be back for more!



Will recommend you to others.
Many thanks

Hello David,
I feel much more part of nature when I wear the cloak, I had no idea it would have that effect! But something in me obviously knew because I felt called to buy it. It's my very own invisibility cloak!! :-)
Thank you and blessings,

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